Five Awesome Benefits Of Exercise

Aristotle once said: “Mensana in copore Sano”– a sound mind in a sound body. Buttressing the importance of not just being sound intellectually but, of exercise and physical activity. Some people believe that exercise is for the “not wealthy” set of people, that once they make their “thirty billion” they stop exercising and start living big. Little do they know the dangers of sedentary living.

Exercise is an activity of is exerting the muscles in various ways aiming at physical fitness and healthier living. Does exercise mean hitting the gym and lifting weights only? The answer is definitely negative. A brisk walk for ten to fifteen minutes is just enough exercise for the day!

Examples of simple exercises one could engage in include anaerobic exercise, yoga, cardiopulmonary exercise,stretching, workout, muscle building exercise, running, walking, swimming, etc.


Here are Five Benefits of exercise you may never have thought about:

  • Healthy brain and Memory.
    Exercise increases blood supply to the brain thus, ensuring adequate perfusion. This helps better brain health and memory. Research has shown that exercise protects mental functions in adults.
  • Reduces risk of Chronic Diseases.
    Insulin sensitivity and cardiovascular fitness is improved by exercise. It also decreases the blood fat levels hence reducing risk of blood vessel occlusive diseases like atherosclerosis hypertension, diabetes, etc.
  • Improves Happiness.
    Exercise helps improve mood through helping you forget your worries and decrease depression and anxiety.
  • Helps in Weight loss.
    One of the things exercise does is increasing metabolic rate which helps burn calories leading to faster weight loss. This is done in combination with proper dieting. It also helps improve muscle mass.
  • Promotes better Sex life.
    Exercise improves blood circulation in the body this helps in maintaining erection thereby improving sexual desire, function and performance. It also helps decrease the risk of erectile dysfunction in men.

There are also dangers of sedentary lifestyle which include Obesity, cardiac arrest, hypertension, loss of libido, etc.
Why not try walking that short distance in your locality to burn some calories? Today, you’re presented the choice between good and bad health. Your health is in your hands!

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