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Health Compass Initiative is a youth-led organization that tackles the burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) within Nigeria through community health education and provision of free NCD-related screening services.

Health Compass Initiative is non-profit, non-partisan and non-political hence, we bring dignified and non discriminatory NCD-related healthcare services to the doorstep of communities who need them the most.

This initiative is aimed at increasing the awareness of Nigerians to common NCDs, ensure early detection and follow up while connecting those living with NCDs with expert care. We, through our advocacy also wish to encourage a proactive attitude among stakeholders within the health sector in Nigeria as regards NCD related policies and their implementation.

Health Compass Initiative is a network member of the NCD Alliance and an enrolled activity under the Healthy Lifestyles and non-communicable diseases program of the International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA).

Youths have been active change agents and tools for societal reforms because of their progressive mindset, positive energy and population strength. Hence, through grass-root interventions, we seek to ensure greater participation of young doctors and medical students in sensitizing the populace in Nigeria on the importance of healthy lifestyles thus contributing their quota in societal building.

Upon realization of the urgent need for a solution to the Nigerian NCD debacle, medical students of the University of Uyo took it upon themselves to ensure proper sensitization of the Nigerian populace about NCDs through awareness campaigns and various media programs aimed at bettering the health of their communities and informing them of lifestyles detrimental to their health. They also warned about early red flags that usually point to a more severe underlying ailment. This group of students teamed up in 2017 to establish Health Compass Initiative.


A country with a healthy populace, free from the burden of non-communicable diseases.


To educate our communities, promote health and better lives.

Health Compass Initiative broadly consists of 3 mutually inter dependent arms.

  1. Broadcast media – This team consists of trained radio broadcasters, script writers and on air personalities who collaborate to carry out weekly radio health talk shows where common NCDs are discussed during an interactive session with listeners.
  2. New/print media – Health Compass Initiative’s dynamic team of writers ensure new media platforms are maximized for optimum community health education. Through publishing of diverse health related articles, we engage a wide community of readers on our blog and columns of newspapers we write for.
  3. Social media – This group focuses on strategies to increases the visibility of our work and audience reach.

The above arms though independent, work in synergy to achieve our set out goals as highlighted herein.


Acknowledging the fact that in Nigeria, we are vulnerable to most illnesses which could easily be prevented and detected early, thus making management easier for the health practitioners while decreasing mortality rates. We seek to achieve the following specific objectives:

  1. To increase awareness of the existence and incidence of non-communicable diseases as well as our vulnerability to them.
  2. To ensure higher level of health consciousness among the Nigerian populace.
  3. To bring about early diagnosis and treatment of non-communicable diseases through provision of free NCD related screening services.
  4. To ensure healthy lifestyles among the populace and leverage on available medical resources to bring about greater participation of stakeholders in the health profession towards tackling non-communicable diseases.
  5. To educate the general public on ways to handle emergencies before expert care is sought.
  6. To mark dates important to the health sector and raise awareness about the health issue of concern.
  7. To expose emerging trends in the field of health to the general populace hereby making them well equipped and motivated to tackle associated ailments.
  8. To sensitize the general public about trendy and emerging endemic conditions while educating them on simple preventive and primary therapeutic methods.
  9. To raise awareness about and advocate against anti-social behaviors detrimental to general health and well-being while lending a voice for the vulnerable in society.

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