World Heart Day – 2021

The 29th of September every year is recognized by the World Health Organization as the World Heart Day. This year had as it’s theme, “Use Heart to Connect.”
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of premature death worldwide. Health Compass Initiative, one of the leading NGOs on non communicable Diseases (NCDs) in Nigeria, marked the 2021 World heart day at the Mechanic Village, Uyo Akwa Ibom State with a medical outreach which covered the workers and visitors in the community.
We reached over two hundred persons with health education on maintaining a healthy heart and lifestyle.  They were educated on the need for regular exercise, tapering alcohol intake, stopping smoking, reduced dietary intake of salt and monitoring of blood pressure.
We also offered free Blood pressure screening and counselling services to the community and referred those who needed special care to specialist centres for expert care.
Resource material for this campaign can be found HERE
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