World Heart Day

On September 29th every year, the world heart day is celebrated globally. This year in line with the World Heart Federation, Health Compass tagged her celebration: “Use ❤ to beat Cardiovascular Diseases”.

Cardiovascular Diseases account for 31 percent of all global deaths, it is famed as the world biggest killer. Hence, Health Compass Initiative in line with her vision of combating non communicable diseases was able to mark the World Heart day with a massive campaign.

Members of the team paid a visit to Victory Chapel, University of Uyo on 27th September, 2020 during which we were able to educate congregants on how to protect the Heart through healthy lifestyles. Congregants were greeted to free blood pressure and random blood sugar checks. In furtherance of this campaign, we participated in an online awareness campaign both on social media and on radio.

Resource material for this event can be found here.

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