Oral Health & Hygiene

The way you smile and talk may be the reason a total stranger becomes your friend, this is because the mouth is one of the first body parts that is noticed.

The mouth contains millions of microorganisms, therefore lack of good oral hygiene increases the growth of bad microorganisms which can lead to dental decay or gum diseases. This can subsequently affect your speech, smile and your confidence. How intentional are you about your oral health?

How To Take Care Of Your Mouth

• Avoid lots of sugary food because sugar is metabolised by bacteria present in the mouth which can cause dental decay.
• Wash your mouth twice daily with fluoride-rich toothpaste and a soft toothbrush.
• Fluorine removes plaque and gives us strong teeth and healthy gum.
• It is important to brush at night before bed because microorganisms acting on the food particle can emit a very offensive odour the next morning.
• Use a soft toothbrush so that you can have easy access to explore several locations of the mouth.
• Do not rinse off the fluoride toothpaste after washing because it reduces the effect of the fluorine.
• Change your toothbrush every three months.
• Floss after meals to remove particles that are fixed between the teeth.
• Eat more vegetables and drink lots of water.
• Avoid smoking as it can cause bad breath, stained teeth and cancer of the mouth.
• Visit your dentist if you have any issues and keep to your dental appointments.


The pain associated with toothache is very excruciating, no one deserves to go through such pain especially because it is preventable
Bad oral health can lead to general body illness because these microorganisms can travel from the mouth to any part of the body.

Remember a healthy mouth boosts your confidence, so take good care of your mouth.

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